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Spring festival season is upon us, folks. Time to get down with all the worm gruntin’, blues playing, and mule scratching you can stand. I’ll try to put together a list of everything big in the next month or two, but in the meantime I’ll at least put stuff on here.
There’s another list of all the regular stuff that happens every week, so don’t forget to check for all your karaokes, trivias, and so on. There are also links to all of Tally’s theater options, both stage and independent cinema (from fancy to cult).
And great news! Cap City Video Lounge is back! They're all set up in Railroad Square and open for business! They rent movies, show films on their big screen, and host parties and events in their awesome space. Check them out!
HAPPENING THIS WEEK: Word of South Festival. Here is the main website for schedules and times and performers. “Word of South a festival of literature and music which held its inaugural event April 11-12, 2015, is a unique blend of writers and musicians and an exploration of the relationship between the two disciplines. The festival features authors who write about music, musicians who also are authors, authors and musicians appearing together, and everything in between.” 12th-14th
HAPPENING THIS WEEK: 4th Annual All Venue Trivia Brainblast. “People ask, “Hank,” they say, “Which of your venues is truly home to the most kickass and trivial competitors?” Well, I love all (most) of my players, so I just can’t answer that. Instead, I’ll let y’all do it yourselves. Once again, it’s time to play hard and win big at the 4TH ANNUAL ALL VENUE TRIVIA BRAINBLAST! On April 13th, witness the best trivia teams from Midtown Pies, Proof Brewing, and Warhorse go head to head in a no-holds-barred, no-phones-allowed showdown! Join in on the fun with Hoarder's Delight giveaways, karaoke, and plenty of trivia! (Not to mention that amazing Crum Box grub!)” 4/13, 3:30pm, @ Crum Box Gastgarden
FRIDAY, 4/12
SUNDAY, 4/14
MONDAY, 4/15
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Today I'm starting a 30-day hearthstone challenge: Can I get to Legend and form a winning Hearthstone habit?

UPDATED: I'll be updating this thread with my runs!

Day 11: - Finished at 14. Today I played Mage.
Day 10: - Finished at 14. Today I played Priest.
Day 9: - Finished at 13. Today I played Priest.
  • The story of the day was board control. I went up against mostly druid decks and I found that egg and aggro druids were pretty easy. It's the combo-midrange ones that gave me fits.
  • For one thing, their win condition is based on their hand and not on the board. I'm considering a late-game taunt to answer the druid matchup, but I'm unsure if that means Deathlords.
  • How crazy is it that Druid has mostly been the same deck since post-naxx? Of the 9 classes, Druid and Warrior have had the most stable deck archetypes. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. For the purposes of our challenge, at least i only have a binary choice when going up against Malfurion.
  • Let's talk about openers: Don't be greedy! I made the conscious effort to go to time when deciding what to keep and really look out how the next few turns will play out. I love Museum Curators because they work so well against multiple archetypes from single classes. Egg druid? 1/2 challenges their 2/1 stars. Wild Growth opener? Better pick a Piloted Shredder.
Day 8: - Finished at 14. Today I played Priest.
  • 100% win day but only a few games played. I may have to switch decks soon. My win rate with Priest is the best out of the three decks I'm playing with at 68%, however I would need to play significantly more games to take advantage of winstreaks.
  • I faced mostly Reno decks where Priest feels favored. They just don't have that many threats and if you can prepare for Jaraxxus, you should be able to outlast them pretty easily.
  • One thing that was important to note was that I changed my list to include a Sylvanas Windrunner. I've been picking her up pretty consistently from Museum Curators that I thought one maindeck wouldn't hurt. She helped in the Paladin matchups but I'm not sure I want her 100%. For one thing, Priests don't need that much help against Paladins.
Highlights and pictures:
Day 7: - Finished at 15. Today I played Priest.
  • Not much to say today. I only played 3 games: 2 against Paladin (2-0) and against the Priest mirror (lost). This is why I made this challenge. My schedule can be so demanding that I don't have time to climb.
  • Elise Starseeker is such a great card for Priest decks but there are times that other cards will be better. I feel like you want to play her Acolytes of Pain against other control decks. Otherwise, it takes too long to benefit from her on the board.
Highlights and pictures:
Day 6: - Moved back one rank to 16. Today I played Demon Zoolock and Priest.
  • Disaster. I opened the day pretty poorly, going 0-3 with Demon Zoo against Paladin decks. Secret Paladin really does have some busted Tempo draws and a lackluster draw from any deck just won't cut it.
  • Switching over to Priest helped but not completely. I was on tilt. I don't want this to be a discussion on tilt just because it's been discussed to death. Suffice to say that I've played enough MTG not to rage, but the mental fatigue does tug at your emotions.
  • What really stood out today was the sheer power of Entomb. If anything, we don't need to talk about how good a card Entomb is. What I found really interesting was how Entomb basically made a F2P Friendly Control Deck possible. A great answer that isn't dust-reliant to craft is what is necessary to have control decks for people who don't want to buy in with real money.
Highlights and pictures:
Day 5: - Moved up one rank to 15. Today I played Demon Zoolock.
  • There are going to be days like this. I almost didn't get to play my challenge today on the count of how busy I got. This is mostly why I made this challenge: It isn't about getting to legend. Not entirely anyway. It's about being able to find a balance between being competitive and managing my time. Deciding that I would have to allot a certain block of my time to Hearthstone helps in managing and blocking off my schedule.
  • I played way fewer games today and while yesterday I went up against fully serious decks, today I went up a carnival of fun decks o.o An aggro pirate warrior that ran Southsea Captain and Captain Greenskin with Upgrade! smashed me. I went up against a druid that went T1 Raven Idol into T2 Astral Communion. These are the fun parts of competitive and while I lost those games, it was really fun to put together the puzzle.
  • Being that I played just a handful of games and I didn't go up against established decks (no, I don't think Pirate Warrior Upgrade! will be a thing), I don't have much in the way of strategy. What I did learn however was that Bane of Doom is an amazing tempo play against Paladins and if you're on the play with a good set of 1-2 drops, you should consider keeping it. It can essentially function as a 5 mana mind control; removing one of their threats and giving you one all on the same turn.

Highlights and pictures:

Day 4: - Moved up one rank to 16. Today I played Demon Zoolock.
  • The metagame at 15ish in the first week is really cutthroat, I must say. There were no fun decks everywhere. All my matches involved established good decks: Oil Rogue, Secret Paladin, 4 (!) Tempo Mages, a Midrange hunter, a Dragon Priest and a burst shaman.
  • I went 6 wins and 3 losses, surprisingly splitting against Tempo Mage where I expected to fall behind a lot. The addition of BGH was a godsend against the Priest deck, allowing me to steal tempo away with a timely removal.
  • Speaking of Dragon Priest: This might be personal bias but I really don't think Dragon Priest is well-positioned at all. Unless it draws perfectly, a lot of it's starts are awkward compared to other top tier decks. When it does curve out well, decks like Oil Rogue can ignore it, Secret Paladin and Midrange Paladin can go over it and Warlocks of any variety can outcard it. It's by no means a bad deck right now, but I'm wary of using it against some of the other top decks in the metagame.
  • Also, don't play Chromagus. Just please don't.
Highlights and pictures: http://imgur.com/xuhUkkA
Day 3: - Moved up one rank to 17. Today I played Control Priest through and through again and learned the value of statistics.
  • While I didn't do too hot today, I did gain some pretty valuable insights on the metagame: The new wallet Hunter is pretty much hell vs. Control Priest just because they have a lot of sources for threats. It's not impossible to beat but you do need to be able to hold the board early and use your minions as repeatable removal. The big selling point to the deck are the Discover minions with Brann. Because you're 40% more likely to discover class cards, it feels like every Wallet Hunter has a near infinite supply of Gahzrilla!
  • I went 5 wins and 4 losses, winning mostly against archetypes I am favored against (most Mage decks, most aggressive decks, etc.) and finally scored a win against Aggro Shaman. The games I lost, I am happy to say, were not because of awful misplays. Against a Control Warrior (where you should be favored), he was able to curve out into Alexstrasza into Grom (with a Death's Bite at 1 durability) into Fiery War Axe and Bash to put me away. While I was able to answer both fatties, I couldn't get to my Justicar in time.
  • Something I learned in Magic: Just because the numbers show you something, it's important to really understand what they mean. I can look at my record and think that I'm doing poorly but the thing about Hearthstone is that A.) the numbers are either too few to reliably draw conclusions from or B.) Too weighted by RNG that it gives you the wrong idea. For example: Instead of looking at a match-up and thinking, "Hey, I lost 5 of 5 games. It's unwinnable," a more important thing to think about is how you lost those games. Could it be that there was a particular interaction that took over the game? In that case, a simple tweak could answer the situation. Could it be that the last 5 games you mulligan poorly? In which case, your experiences would not have been a reliable reflection point for what really goes on in the games.
  • Interestingly, I have an 83% win rate with coin on Control Priest. Against a field of face hunters and aggro shamans, I really think that control priest is a solid choice and nearing Tier 1 (maybe 1.5). The only tweaks would be to drop the Cabal Shadowpriest in favor for a card that helps in the more controlling match-ups. I'm unsure if this means a return to Flash Heal or Light of the Naaru though. Maybe something like Ysera to break open the match against Wallet Hunters and Control Warriors. Against midrange, being able to essentially go Blademaster into Velen's Chosen is pretty much game.
  • I'll be switching over to Warlock tomorrow to see if my hypothesis is correct: IF I can hold the board against Wallet Hunter and tech in BGH, I should be able to pick apart the flavor of the week. I've decided to play at least two straight days of one archetype to really get a feel for things. It's going to slow, but we're learning a lot!
Highlights and pictures: http://imgur.com/gallery/ysree6H/new
Day 2: - Played priest exclusively. my win rate is higher but at the cost of less games. Played less than half of day one games but also won more. Will be sticking to it. Ended at Rank 18.
  • Changed up a few cards. Deathlord wasn't cutting it. Velen's + Injured Blademaster held the board especially with Curator. Worked well against the mage decks I kept losing to.
  • Holy Champion was another addition. Day 1's problem was that I would get out-curved. With a good four drop that you can combo with Circle (along with Blademaster) it was an all-star. Frequent two for one. You don't want two as it clogs the hand. It + Elise are good enough to stop aggro rushes and Shredders.
  • The first few days of ladder ranking is always more stable than the middle days. I faced mostly known decks, with the exception of a Control Hunter who went T5 Healbot into T6 Ball of Spiders. Oh, and I faced a Renolock with Brann + Arcane Golem + Abusive Sergeant + 2x Power Overwhelming into Faceless. It was in the highlights.
  • The warlock fight and the grinder mage fight made me think: Renolocks and other flavors of Reno decks are being fought wrong by most people. Yes, you do want to pressure their lifetotal so that they are forced to Reno early but that's only part of the equation. For most decks, you win Reno style decks through attrition: you don't want to be the player with less cards in hand when they Reno.
  • Patience is the key to fighting a Reno deck, I feel. Prior to this challenge I reached Rank 7 playing mostly Control priest and Warrior and Reno match-ups were often on my plate. It doesn't matter if they get rich. As long as you have the resources in hand to compete you have to remember: A fool and his money are soon parted.
  • Another thing I learned is that most people play greedily. If you're playing Control Priest, you have to look for the greedy spots (i.e.: playing a minion and taking a big attack to the face just so you can holy nova + hold the board next turn) but often times it is correct to play your cards for 0 value. Against a grinder mage, I decided to play a Cabal Shadowpriest with 0 targets just so I can keep the board free from anything he can play to catch up. I knew he still had targets, but that's fine.
On the pictures, I've also switched to Hearthstats and I love the program to death. It feels like cheating however and I'm note sure I'm comfortable with the overlay. What I love most about it is the iteration tracker + the replays. really put into perspective some of the match-ups.
Will be back tomorrow :D
Highlights and pictures: http://imgur.com/gallery/0D0GoIk/new
Day 1: -Tempo mage sucks without the tempo. Going slow as my original plan is not the way since you're a sub-par early game control deck and nothing to bridge late. Have one too many high-cost cards. Ended the day at Rank 19.
  • Meta is filled with tempo plays. Played against 3 mages and a force roar deck. One druid went Turn 1 innervate coin into double growth into double darnassus.
  • My zoolock build is wrong. Too many cross synergy cards. Considering removing a Void terror for a BGH.
  • My priest deck feels the best and I will main it. Deathlord might not be the answer though. Will use Injured Blademasters against Druids. removing flash heal since it's really good against Reno decks and I have yet to face them.
  • Hearthstone is about the board so it makes sense that winners often play the best card per slot. lets them dominate the board easier. That said, decks like Control Priest are so good because they ignore the best card per slot on the board. Just be sure to have effective turn plays. While curving out minions makes sense, doing the same for answers is a bad idea. You're likely to fall behind as decks have way more threats than answers. You want to play answers (spells) multiple times in a turn to regain control of the board.
  • Aggro Shaman hurts like a motherfucker.
Highlights and pictures: http://imgur.com/gallery/g8BEgDp/new
Original post I'm about to start a 30-day Hearthstone challenge for myself. The goal: to see how far I can get in the rankings by playing a set number of hours a day for 30 days. No more, no less.
I've been a long time listener of the cast and originally wanted to get in on the various legend pushes people have been doing, but I just haven't found the time. But it being 2016 though, I decided what the hell and just go with it!
I want to see exactly how much time it would take someone who has 2 full time jobs to reach legend and if it's possible at all.
A short introduction about myself: I'm an about-to-be-former eSports journalist and a marketing peon at a start-up firm. I got my start in esports journ in Hearthstone. I am also an experienced MTG player, with some GP experience and an L1 judge.
Since starting however, I've found that I haven't had the time to really play and get to legend. I've only reached legend once on my old beta account and have gotten just a handful of 12-keys in Arena. I'm on a new account right now and while I have a handful of cards to build decent decks + all the adventures, I have yet to hit legendary due to my work hours.

So the plan now is to play 1 hour and 30 minutes of Hearthstone daily, with a set line-up of decks (to simulate someone who has SOME means of crafting decks but can't just make the latest hotness right away) and see how far it takes me!

Other than just trying to hit legend, I placed those stipulations for some very important reasons:
1. I don't want to hit just Legend; I want to hit Legend my way. I could go ahead and just use the latest hotness, but I find that I enjoy Hearthstone the most when I'm trying to solve the metagame's boogeymen. I find it much more pleasing to go with a deck that becomes the enemy, rather than start out with the accepted enemy.
2. I wanted to see for myself if what the public says is true about "OP" decks. I personally picked decks which aren't currently considered "broken-as-bananas" and I want to see how much it would take for an average joe to hit legend with them.
3. I want to form a winning habit! They say it takes 21-days of focused effort to form a habit. Given the time that I have in a day, I want 2016 to be a year where I learn more about Hearthstone while still keeping a healthy schedule.
Here are the decks I'll be using for the challenge. I can only use the decks with Challenge in the name. The emergency button is for the last 3 days of the season!: http://imgur.com/gallery/cH2k4TV/new

TL;DR: Gonna play HS for 30 days, with a set line-up of decks, for only 1 1/2 hours a day. Wish me luck!

PS: I do need some help though TAC! If anyone can recommend the best way to keep statistics, especially across multiple decks and iterations (slight card changes) across the same deck, that would be great! I used to use Hearthstats but found it tedious and little better than keeping pen and paper. Is there a great program that can help me keep better stats?
Also, if anyone can weigh in on their experiences on grinding to legend as a working professional (or super-schedule packed student), that would be great!
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